International trade, overseas engineering, defense electronics, shipping business, bidding business, exhibition advertising and modern logistics, etc.



A&GM Supply Chain is an international trading company, mainly engaged in international trade, international engineering contracting, bidding agency, etc.

What we do Our name speaks for itself - we are a supply chain company, bridging the gap between your business and significant international companies relevant to your industry. We specialize in outsourcing of high quality and customized commodities, products and merchandise from reputable manufacturers, that is required for our clients needs to markets in Europe, Australia, Africa and South America.
Who we are A&GM Supply Chain was founded in 2020 and is built by a partnership of professionals with an educational background of Bachelor Degrees in Business Management and Business Marketing. As well as a combined experience of 20 years in business managment, quality control, logistics and international trade. With a physical presence in central China and the cooperation of manufactures due to professionally built business relationships,we're capable of rapidly acquiring a variety of quality products at the most affordable prices. Vision A&GM Supply Chain has set out to fulfil our vision of introducing premium products to our clients. With full knowledge of the range of consumer demand, our company additionally aims to supply affordable products into developing markets. As a new entrant we aim to grow your business along with A&GM Supply Chain into the future. We have effectively positioned ourselves within several markets, proving our ability to supply new and higher quality products, straight from the manufacturer to the customer. Values We are a reliable and quality-oriented supplier believing in dedication to our customers and our products. Whether small or large, we always deal with our customers with the utmost professionalism and respect.As we are people on both sides of the table, we believe in personalizing the relationship between ourselves and the customer. Therefore, we always make effort to tailor our services according to your needs.